Rules For Commenting

We’re currently receiving a large amount of comment SPAM due to our rising rankings in various search engines, due to this we’ll be implementing a few rules for comments. They’re pretty basic rules and shouldn’t affect most users but it’s worth reading through them.

Please don’t attempt to advertise through the comment section

If you would like to post an offer on VPSGuide then please contact us via our contact page.

If you attempt to SPAM / Advertise through our comment section we will publish what you attempted to do on our list of shame.

If we list you on our list of shame then you will need to contact us via our contact page to be removed, we will expect an apology for spamming us.

Our comment section is not a weapon. We don’t like those who try to post malicious comments about hosts and other users without evidence to what you’re claiming.

Please do not post personal information about yourself or other people.

We will ban you from all future commenting.

We will remove the content immediately.

Do not post links to SPAM sites, we don’t mind you linking your personal page if you are leaving a constructive comment on a post.

Comments must be in English.

All comments are pre-approved, this means that they are read by a moderator before they are published.