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Quick Information

MXRoute is an email only hosting service run by an admin from LowEndTalk called Jarland and his business partner Ryan Arp. They have been around since 2013 and have built a very good reputation for their services due to the high reliability and low cost. Not only do they offer 24×7 support, they also take regular backups and even offer Mailchannels included with all of their packages guaranteeing great delivery for your email. Don’t be fooled by the cPanel control panel, a lot of extra work has been put in by the MXroute team behind the scenes to make this service as good as it is, they are not a web host, just email.

MXroute also have a public WhoIS record and you can find MXroutes website here.

Pre Sales

Before I purchased I went searching to see if there were any offers for MXroute around various hosting forums, not because they are too expensive by default but because I like a good deal! I found an old Cyber Monday offer from 2015, the offer was still valid but I wanted to make sure that the order wouldn’t be cancelled due to the age of the offer.

I opened the ticket at 14:29 asking whether the offer was okay to use and a question about the MXroute privacy policy, I received a reply at 17:28 from Josh with an answer to both questions, after some more discussion with with Josh and later Jarland on the ticket I signed up using the offer I had found.


You can MXroutes usual plans here.

The plan I signed up for features the following:

  • 10GB Storage
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Customized cPanel
  • Customized spam filters
  • $10 year

Yep, $10/year for Mailchannels, 10GB storage, backups and an easy to use control panel. Other email hosts should be ashamed for charging customers outrages amounts, I’ll definitely be renewing for the foreseeable future.

The package I purchased was located in the USA but since MXroute recently opened a London location I have transferred there instead.

MXroute Technical Support

I opened a technical support ticket when I wanted to transfer to the new London location, I opened a ticket at 04:23 asking whether I could transfer to the new location and received a reply from Josh saying that my service had been moved at 13:55.

There was an issue with sending email on the new server which affected a few users, Josh escalated it to Jarland and it was fixed relatively quickly.

I’m very happy with MXroutes support, they’re very friendly and get issues fixed quickly.

Extra Features

MXroute offers a few extra things with their service which I’m quite impressed with.

One of the best things about MXroute is that they offer Mailchannels with all of their services, Mailchannels vastly improves the delivery rate of your email by sending from multiple high reputation IP addresses. To quoate from the MXroute website “Never get email bounced due to blacklisted IPs. If a MailChannels IP is blacklisted and the email rejected, the email is sent again from another IP and never bounced.” MXroute also use a mix of MailCheap and in-house relays so if Mailchannels has outages you still have great deliverability.

They also offer backup relays on all of their email packages, this ensures that if in the rare chance the server you are on goes down, there is another server on a separate network that can still accept your email instead of it never being delivered.

MXroute also offer a free DNS service with the correct mail settings for domains that you use for mail, if you don’t want to use their name-servers then the welcome email contains the basic settings you need to get going and the knowledge base contains information on how to get DKIM setup and working correctly.


In conclusion I highly recommend MXroute for your email hosting needs. Not only have they been around for years, run by incredibly reliable people with years in the industry but they prove that it shouldn’t cost a small fortune to run an impressive email solution. If you’re on the fence with signing up with MXroute then go for it, you won’t be disappointed!

Would I change anything? – Honestly, the only thing I would like to see MXroute do is on the “Set up Mail Client” section of cPanel, a script created for Outlook 2013/2016 and if possible the Gmail app for Android. I’m not sure if they can do this however as it seems like something cPanel would have to do themselves.

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One thought on “MXroute ( Review

  • 8th October 2017 at 2:43 AM

    I would avoid this “company” (really just a guy and his friend) like the plague. Jarland canceled my email service while I was running my business with it, and without warning. The reason ? because I opened two tickets for an issue (no outbound email working). Apparently that warrants causing havoc for my business by shutting my email off and blocking me from access.

    If you depend on email for business don’t use mxroute, plain and simple. Do your business a favor and get a reliable email service with support, an actual team, shareholder etc.


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