Crypto Currency Only Hosting

NiceVPS is a privacy focused hosting company registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica (as Nice IT Services Group Inc.) offering VPS services in the Netherlands. They have a Terms of Service that you should read before ordering and a page with their payment methods available. They also have a public WhoIS record available.

In their own words

“We are a privacy oriented hosting only accepting crypto currency

We aim to provide the best in class service with excellent support and uptime for your business, projects or whatever you would like to host.

We will just bring it online, no service blacklists, you are free and liable for what you host.

We protect your privacy, indeed, we just ask the bare minimum to provide you with service, you are free to fill up or not your personal details. Your IP is not saved.

We will NEVER filter, log, analyse your activities and much less do share your details with anybody.

We defend the Freedom of Speech, we will NOT suspend your service by any reason unless a competent authority obligates us to do so.

We coded our custom all-in-one control panel with billing, support and service management system all integrated into one unique place.
Thinking on you, we built a software from the point of view of an user.
We are made just for you, let’s work together.

Actually, we rely on Serverius Connectivity network infrastructure in the Netherlands.
We are in the process of building and managing our own multi-homed network infrastructure.
You can test network and download speed at /”

As with other “privacy focused” businesses it is up to you whether you trust that or not, not that I’m saying they don’t. Just be real about what you’re doing.

Their VPS offers are as follows.

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