Best Hosts of 2017

Just like last year we’ve decided to create a list of the best hosts of the year gone by, we’ll be going over our personal favourites, the best new hosts in the scene, the best general hosts and as a new addition, our biggest disappointments of the year.

Our Personal Favourite Hosts So Far


  • BuyVM – This is still one of our favourites, amazingly fast servers with a reliable support team and network backing it up. They also provide shared hosting at a reasonable cost while throwing a touch of “pony” into all of their servers.


  • – Like last year we fully recommend LiteServer. Production grade network quality with high performing servers and a support team personalised for you. You can read our full review of LiteServer here.


  • Inception Hosting – These guys offer one of the best services available currently in the UK. They offer resources at very reasonable prices and make use of the great Clouvider network for reliability and network speed. They’ve recently launched some NVME based services which offer crazy amounts of disk performance. You can read our full review here.
  • HostHatch – HostHatch is amazing, that’s why the VPS that host this website is provided by them. They have a very nice looking custom control panel, great hardware and network performance which is also very reliable. They also offer NVME based servers for extra speed. You can read our full review on them here.

Best New Hosts

These are the best new hosts that started this year, they offer a great service at an affordable price and aren’t the run of the mill summer host.

  • VMHaus – Like Inception Hosting they use the Clouvider network and also offer NVME based servers. They have built a custom control panel which looks very good and have been receiving good reviews from various forum members so far.
  • Gullo’s Hosting– Run by Cameron Gullo, Gullo’s hosting provides a cheap and reliable service, ranging from large storage VPS’ to small NAT based servers.

Best Hosts So Far

These hosts will always be great choices, we recommend them and so do their large customer bases. If you need a VPS then it’s never a bad option to pick from these hosts.

  • Digital Ocean
  • HostUS
  • Vultr
  • RamNode
  • Secure Dragon
  • Clouvider

Biggest Disapointments

These are providers I’ve noticed that have had a decrease in overall quality or reliability.

  • QuadHost – One of my recommendations from last year, I personally cancelled all of my services with them as support became very slow, almost never responding to tickets. They also had extended downtime in certain locations, instead of keeping customers updated on the status of their services they instead went silent on all communication channels.
  • HungryVM – They came, they went; looked very promising however they vanished after being banned on LET.
  • North Hosts – If I’m honest I was expecting this one. North Hosts has also had extended downtime on their virtual servers. They have also been accused of stealing (not returning hardware that clients had sent in for collocation).

Best Domain Registrar

Just like last year, if you need a domain then I highly recommend NameSilo 🙂

Those are the best hosts of 2017 in our opinion!

Did we miss anyone? Leave a comment letting us know who you believe is the best host or if we should add anybody to the list!

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