Best Hosts of 2016

First we would like to say Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of our readers of VPSGuide!

To finish the year we’re making a list of our favourite providers of 2016, whether they are new or have been around for a while already. We’ll be splitting it into a few categories so be sure to read the entire post.

Our Personal Favourite Hosts So Far


  • BuyVM – This is one of the best hosts you’re going to find, their servers are incredibly stable with great performance while still being affordable for most. With lightning fast support and great service overall we highly recommend this host. You can read our full review here. Did I mention they like Ponies?


  • – This is another amazing host that we cannot recommend enough. Their support team is one of the best around and paired with the level of performance that their servers offer you’ll struggle to find somebody who compares with LiteServer. They also rock one of the fastest (and reliable) networks I’ve seen in a host from the Netherlands. You can read our full review of LiteServer here.


  • QuadHost – QuadHost is one of the best UK hosts you’re going to find. They offer a professional and production ready service in the UK and also many other countries including India, The Netherlands and France. They also own, a website that provides NAT based VPS’s which mean you can hosts your website from just £2.50 a year, even in Asia and the USA. We also made a review on QuadHost a few months ago which I’ll link for you.

Best New Hosts

These are the best new hosts that started this year, they offer a great service at an affordable price and aren’t the run of the mill summer host.

  • BudgetNode – Budget Node is a new host founded by LowEndTalk admin Ishaq and his business partner Jordan in June this year. They offer great services in Europe and the USA. They have amazing reviews from their customers, you can find their website here.


  • VortexNode – $5 Atom anyone? VortexNode caught my eye on Black Friday when they did a superb sale on their Atom based Dedicated servers. During the sale they lowered the price to just $5/mo on their Atom line, the servers are in the UK and came with a minimum of 2GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive which is crazy for the price they were asking. Whatever they lose on the cost of those Atoms they’ve definitely made up for in reputation in the hosting community, I’m personally thinking of purchasing on of their new holiday sale VPS myself. It’s also worth noting that VortexNode has the financial backing of Linovus Holdings Inc.


  • VirMach – VirMach is another host that took Black Friday by storm. They had revolving offers on their website and even a $1/yr at one point during the day. If you need a good host but are short on funds, VirMach is a great place to go.

Best Hosts So Far

These hosts will always be great choices, we recommend them and so do their large customer bases. If you need a VPS then it’s never a bad option to pick from these hosts.

  • Digital Ocean
  • HostUS
  • Vultr
  • RamNode
  • Secure Dragon
  • Inception Hosting

Best Domain Registrar

Personally, the only registrar that really wowed me this year is NameSilo. If you need a domain name with Who Is privacy and no up sells then NameSilo is a great choice.

Those are the best hosts of 2016 in our opinion!

Did we miss anyone? Leave a comment letting us know who you believe is the best host or if we should add anybody to the list!

3 thoughts on “Best Hosts of 2016

  • 10th December 2017 at 10:56 PM

    Recommendations seem solid. Have experience with RamNode, Secure Dragon, Liteserver and Digital Ocean and all of them are good solid choices. SolusVM is starting to become a little old though so hoping RamNode and Liteserver move to be a better in the near future. Will you be doing a best-of-2017 post as well?

    • 11th December 2017 at 12:31 AM

      Hi 🙂

      We’ll be doing a best of 2017 too very soon, still deciding on who to put there though! Agreed on Solus, I’d love it for them to move onto something they have made themselves.


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